A “quriio.us” interview!

quriio.us” an innovative Italian ICT startup close to launch, here’s what it is!

Alessandro Carboni tell us about his experience.

1) quriio.us:  the social that aims to break the classic way to shop. What is able to do and discover a “quriio.users” on your platform?

We like the definition you just used: quriio.us in meant for very curious users indeed! It’s a platform about your (or your 1000-mile-away friend’s) city’s small and medium businesses. Merchants can easily manage their web presence and sell online, whereas private users can live a truly shared shopping experience. These can find information about already known businesses, discover new ones, buy unique products and create a network of people based on their shopping tastes. They can comment on the shops, advice products they love, ask for suggestion before buying and interact with friends (because the funniest thing in shopping is telling your friend what you just bought!).

2) When and how did this project? What are the key factors to walk on the path of success?

We began working on quriio.us last year, when it was nothing more than an undefined idea. We noticed it was (and still is) pretty difficult to find accurate and updated online information about small/medium shops and it is even harder to buy something from them on the internet. We soon realized we weren’t the only ones experiencing this problem, so we decided to solve it moving from an idea to a more structured project first, and ending up founding a dedicated company. We’re just at the beginning of our entrepreneurial path but we’ve already understood one essential thing: if you have a strong idea you have to use all your efforts in order to make it real, because you can avoid your dreams to vanish only if you live them!

3) Do you provide geolocalization and comparing services for products in order to make it easy, in a specific geographic area, the search of shops that sell the item I want at the lowest price?

Yes. Once you enter quriio.us, you can use our localization and product-category  filters in order to find which are the shops around you selling what you need at the price you are looking for. It’s just like going up and down the city  evaluating every shop window, but without leaving your sofa.

4) Are you planning to release a quriio.us app for smartphone (Android, iOS, Windows 8)?

Yes we are. We are currently working on the development of the apps for different operating systems. This will allow our users to use quriio.us as a shopping buddy on-the-go, an interactive city guide in everyone’s pocket. People spend more and more time on their smartphones and we would like to give them the opportunity to access their shopping network not only when they are at home or in the office: we want quriio.us to be there for them every time they need it (that’s what a good shopping mate does!).

5) Are you planning a worldwide spreading of quriio.us platform?

Yes we are. We think quriio.us is meant to be internationally widespread, because the platform value will increase according to the number of cities in which quriio.us has an active presence. Let’s pretend you are a man looking for a special gift for your girlfriend’s birthday and imagine there’s a place where you can find what the trending shops around the world are and you virtually visit them. You could end up buying a perfume from a Parisian boutique, a handmade scarf from a Florentine artisan, a tulip bunch from Amsterdam and having all them sent to her house. Wouldn’t you love quriio.us for making your life easier? Now imagine you are that woman: wouldn’t you love to marry your man?

Yes, we’re pretty romantic: we love when people love each other. That’s why we’ll be working hard on our international presence.

Cristian De Mitri

This interview is also dedicated to Juan, an attendee at the program “12 ideas in 12 months … to change your life” , who asked me to “solve” the following need: 

“How and where could I be able to find out what I wish (wish list makes up of products, services and contents) at the lowest price and with the lowest cost for me to travel?. For example if I need to buy a new smartphone probably I can find one at the corner really expensive though but If I get information about a shop located 1 mile away it might be cheaper and the cost of the transport could justify the final price to pay” I guess a killer app for smartphone could be designed if not yet to collect all information required to make the right decision. Just food for thought”

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