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Please join us for the first-ever “ITALIAN PITCH FEST” at CROSS CAMPUS

Get ready for a fun evening showcasing Italian creativity at its best and delish Italian food and wine.

Bridges to Italy, a Los Angeles-based non-profit association with a chapter in Calabria and an office in Rome  presents the first-ever Italian Pitch Fest.

This event is held in collaboration with Santa Monica New Tech, a SoCal community group of 2,000+ entrepreneurs who create and showcase new technology to tech-interested public, including potential clients, employees and investors.

Bianca Dellepiane, President of Bridges to Italy, which is the organizing entity behind the scouting, coaching and arrival of this first group of Italian startups in Los Angeles, says: Italian startups and organizers are very pleased that this exciting event will take place at Cross Campus, headed by Italian-American Dan Dato, the visionary force behind this up and…

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How Startup Valuation Works – Illustrated

How Startup Valuation Works – Illustrated.

Written by Startup Evangelist and Infographic Author

How Funding Works – Splitting The Equity With Investors – Infographic

How Funding Works – Splitting The Equity With Investors – Infographic.



Minimum Viable Product

Useful collection of explanations for Minimum Viable Product.

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The Lean Startup

Forget social and mobile: Our economy needs more “white space” innovation

Cristian De Mitri:

Is Eggup a “white space” innovation? We think yes!

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What do General Motors, Intel, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter have in common? Beside being textbook American success stories, they are all torchbearers of true, groundbreaking innovation – whether it’s technology,  supply chain, business model or any combination of those. But more than that, they are all legitimate creators of new industries.

Yet when you look at the relative contribution of these companies to U.S. GDP, to U.S. employment numbers – and, especially, to perceived innovation – stark differences arise. The last three are surely the perceived leaders of innovation today and garner much more coverage from the popular media . But they are laggards when it comes to meaningful employment generation and fueling large-scale economic growth. And it’s those two factors that are critical for stimulating our economy and getting us on a path toward a more economically stable future.

I believe Silicon…

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Coding is possible! LiveCode and Codecademy

Starting today, coding is possible for everyone thanks LiveCode (also visit their amazing and succesful Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter) and Codecademy (Best Education Startup at The 2012 Crunchies Awards)

  • Look at this video for LiveCode:

  • Look at this video for Codecademy:

More Businesses Turn to ‘Near-Sourcing’ to Save Time and Money |

More Businesses Turn to ‘Near-Sourcing’ to Save Time and Money | () – Gary Castelle, president of specialized apparel company Magnum Plastics in Greenwood Lake, N.Y., used to buy shipping boxes from a major national supplier in Pennsylvania to ship his wares to customers, but he quickly became dissatisfied with the arrangement. The bulky cardboard boxes were pricey to ship and were sometimes damaged in transit. What’s more, the supplier’s customer service wasn’t the greatest.

In late 2011, Castelle started searching for a better option closer to home, and sure enough he located a small vendor with a better price right in his own town. Now, instead of waiting for a delivery, he loads his dog into his truck and makes a 40-minute trip to Dauson Container in Franklin, N.J., which saves him about $100 on shipping costs each time. The switch has also resulted in more business.

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Crowdfunding Volumes

In the figure below I summarize, in terms of funding volumes, a small part of a very interesting and detailed report on Crowdfunding Global Market carried out in 2012 by Massolution, and available on CROWDFUNDING INDUSTRY REPORT (ABRIDGED VERSION): Market Trends, Composition and Crowdfunding Platforms, compared with the funding volume of one of the most popular Crowdfunding Platforms: Kickstarter.

US and Europe are the most active areas in numerical terms.

CrowdfundingVolumesFor more information visit:

Cristian De Mitri

Who Should You Hire? LinkedIn Says: Try Our Algorithm – Forbes

Source: wikipedia commons

Forbes (George Anders) – LinkedIn has upended corporate recruiting in the past decade, allowing talent scouts to scour a vast database of 200 million people’s career profiles. That was just the start. Now LinkedIn has created algorithms that might do the sorting even more nimbly. The result: a digital cheat-sheet for recruiters, called:  “People You May Want to Hire.”

Fruits of the new algorithms won’t be visible to ordinary users of the workplace social network, who get a basic service for free. Instead, the latest offering is aimed exclusively at LinkedIn’s best customers: the 16,400 enterprises that buy LinkedIn’s top-of-the-line profile-searching system, known as Recruiter. In a San Francisco briefing today, LinkedIn executives explained that they are about to roll out an updated version of Recruiter, with “People You May Want to Hire” as a prime example of what’s new…

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